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What Exhale Fan owners already know!

Exhale's bladeless Fan technology provides a smooth and gentle breeze balancing the temperature throughout the entire room.

By moving as much as 4000+ CFM, the whole room is blanketed with a constant air flow that is balanced, quiet and comforting.

The benefits of a balanced room temperature will result in lower energy bills. When you set your thermostat hotter air is on the ceiling and colder air is on the floor. The Exhale Fan will make the room have balanced temperature at the desired setting throughout the room, floor to ceiling, wall to wall during any season.

Like being on the beach with a gentle breeze across your body or peaceful and tranquil breeze coming through an open window, the Exhale Fan’s quiet operation and constant smooth air flow create a relaxing environment that will add to total comfort of your home or office space.

The Exhale Fan's sleek, low profile and attractive design will complement your home’s interior in a variety of available colors (snow white, light gray and charcoal).

Without spinning fan blades which can cause injury, Exhale Fans are are safely installed in rooms with low or higher ceilings.

Exhale Fans are easy to install and replace your existing bladed fans. Our support teams will be glad to assist you with your questions.

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